For Couples

Few people have had really good role models for how to be in a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Many couples don’t know how to get their needs met without demanding. Being assertive or disagreeing without blaming or threatening are skills that can be learned in counseling.

Others aren’t ready to take on the responsibility of fidelity and mutual emotional intimacy. There may be events from childhood that damaged your ability to fogive and trust that need to be healed.

Counseling can help you:

  • be assertive without being aggressive
  • initiate a difficult conversation
  • learn to ask for what you want
  • stop expecting your partner to be a mind reader
  • feel valued and appreciated in your relationship
  • keep the spark of love alive
  • grow together, not apart

For Divorcing or Blending Families

Families are hard. Keeping family relationships intact during or after a divorce is often more difficult than imagined, adding to your stress, especially in an acrimonious process. It’s often wise to seek counseling while the legal process proceeds.

Blending families, too, can be difficult. Just because you and your new spouse are deeply in love won’t necessarily mean that your kids will all get along. There will be rough patches to work through as new relationships form.

Counseling will help you:

  • manage stress and irritation
  • adjust to unwelcomed changes
  • assert your boundaries and needs politely
  • reduce anger or guilt
  • approach conflicts rationally and fairly
  • consider other perspectives

For Individuals with Anxiety or Depression

From time to time, many adults experience anxiety or depression due to situations beyond your control, or old emotional hurts coming to the surface again.

Or maybe you suspect your struggles with weight are rooted in emotional eating, or in literally feeding your frustrations.
Counseling can help you:

  • reduce panic attacks
  • end insomnia
  • control anxiety and obsessive worry
  • lift dark moods
  • lessen negativity
  • decrease depression
  • stop food related self