You may be surprised to learn that relationships do not end for lack of love or caring. In fact most couples still retain some caring after the relationship has ended.

SO WHY??? What is the most toxic, number one cause of relationship failure?

Lack of communication & understanding


When there is not effective communication, negativity emerge. Perhaps you have experienced one or more of these in your current relationship?

  • Hurt and /or abandonment
  • Betrayal, distrust or feeling lied to
  • Being devalued, dismissed, disempowered and or disrespected
  • Verbal or emotional abuse

Conflicts about money, sex, children, extended family members, each other’s past begins to occur with increasing frequency and intensity.

If you are experiencing some of the above, take control of your life and your relationship.

Counseling can help. Here’s how:

  • Identify crucial problem areas in your relationship
  • Successfully manage good communication
  • Learn conflict resolution and problem solving skills
  • Deal with difficult issues like money, child rearing and sex
  • Heal hurts and rebuild trust after betrayals / or affairs
  • Identify and resolve past ‘baggage’
  • Work through blended family issues
  • Deal with step parenting issues
  • Navigate extended family and in laws complications

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